At Exhibit Change, it is important to know that the right people are doing things at the right time. This inaugural cohort is a shining example of this very mantra. We believe in the strengthen of diversity, innovation, like and unlike minds coming together to form networks and relationships to help fuel our abilities to problem solve together. This successful cohort comes together as a commitment to bring voices from inside and outside of the norms of education to address the gap between community and education. Each of our experiences will shape and define the outcomes of this work. No other group could come together and do the work we will do this year.

japgar Jen Apgar   img_4025 Alana Callan   140916-uw-env_group-image26444 Bryson McLachlan

 Lorraine Randall  12141778_10153089548532703_6109789959942615186_n Kate Wallis