We pride ourselves on being a learning organization. Design-driven community engagement is a series of approaches that we have woven together as part of our unique methodology. Practice and applying ourselves is how we continue to iterate and expand our tool set. We aren’t afraid to of a new technique throwing a wrench in our plans. We strive to be agile and flexible yet intentional about our process.

With all toolkits, you want to make sure you are well prepared for whatever is thrown your way, but also that you use the right tool for the job. It is awkward to try and remove the screw that you hammered in with an old shoe…

Here are a few things we are reading:


[section title=”EXHIBIT CHANGE NUGGETS“]

These resources are lessons we have learned in the process of doing the work that we do.

The Value of the Pivot 

Navigating the Emergent Process

The Purpose of Ice Cream 


[section title=”DESIGN THINKING 101“]

These resources showcase the general principles of design and the design thinking process. The absolute best way to learn design thinking is to try, fail and do it again.

10 Things to know about Design and Design Thinking

Virtual Crash Course in Design Thinking

Design Thinking by Tim Brown

8 talks about learning from failure

Fast Failure for Learning

11 Steps to Decode the Creative Process

David Kelley, founder of IDEO and Stanford’s d.school, on How To Do Design Thinking


[section title=”ROLE OF DESIGNER“]

These resources help to define our role in the process as well as the constant roller coasters of working with us and how we are working.

The Role of Designers and Clients: how to avoid clashing over projects

Learning from How Designers Think and Work

Feeling your Consumer: What Marketers are Missing about making emotional connections


[section title=”CASE STUDIES, TOOLKITS & MORE“]

These resources help us learn from others.

Educators’ Toolkit for Design Thinking

Shoe Design Offers a Trojan Horse for Problem Solving with Design Thinking

Redesigning Recess: Why Kids Need Natural Playgrounds

Design Thinking Meets Community Action Project

Community Planning Toolkit

City Life Changes How Our Brains Deal With Distractions

How human-centered design thinking can transform community media

Designing for Public Services: a practical guide