We follow a process map to help us navigate the uncertainty ahead.

Design Thinking is a mindset and methodology that offers a structured approach to moving through understanding users, identifying and framing the problem, coming up with a variety of ideas, prototyping ideas into reality and spending time to reflect and gather feedback for the next iteration. At Exhibit Change, we employ the Henry Ford Institutes’ 6 phase approach to design thinking.

Participatory Leadership is a way of connecting and engaging with stakeholders that promotes open dialogue, deep questioning and creating a space that is welcoming of all participants. At Exhibit Change, we practice the Art of Hosting methodologies to participatory leadership.

Community Engagement is our way of curating experiences that are playful, dynamic and intended to create lasting memories. At Exhibit Change, we are constantly inspired by work being done by Exploratorium to inspire visitors for prolonged engagement.

Public & Social Innovation Labs is a unique network of organizations across the world working to tackle large and systemic wicked problems, from healthcare to poverty, to homelessness to water. At Exhibit Change, we are delighted to be a part of this community working to tackle public education in Ontario.

This unique roadmap let’s us guide you on a journey that is collaborative, experiential, community-based and iterative.