Bryson McLachlan, @ObieBryce for Twitter, Instagram, Medium – you name it.
At this point, I’m on the outside of education, having recently graduated and currently working full time. My current connection to education is through my (volunteer) position with an organization called Canoe. We are working to develop a pan-Canadian undergraduate program where students would complete each year of their degree at a different university. The purpose of the program is to provide students from all backgrounds the opportunity to experience the diversity and distinct cultures across this country while simultaneously building their professional and academic networks. We want to foster a cultural of national academic collaboration and exchange.
I am excited about the Designership’s emphasis on creating solutions and strategies for improving/changing/innovating/revolutionizing education. I am excited to work with a diverse group of people who are action-oriented and share a passion for improving such a massive, lumbering institution. I am equal parts excited and nervous for the open-ended nature of the project, but I enjoy wrestling (and eventually getting comfortable) with ambiguity.
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