For too long we have seen educators and community organizers tackling problems in education separately, it is time to bring these amazing individuals together and start tackling our collective problems. It makes no sense to keep solving problems in isolation.


The Exhibit Change Designership is a one-year program aimed at developing a unique learning opportunity for action-oriented, visionary thinkers who get restless waiting for change to happen. In the end, we will formed an interdisciplinary team of professionals working collaboratively to see education differently.


The Exhibit Change Designership pilot challenges innovative and spunky problem solvers to bring forward their knowledge and ideas to wrestle with big questions and to collaboratively take action towards solving them. We are looking for shift disturbers who work inside and outside the norms of education and want to be a part of cohort of individuals who want to push the boundaries of their own problem solving capabilities.

You might be a teacher, a student, a parent, a community member, a lawyer, a travelling acrobat…whoever you are, you are someone who is passionate about seeing changes in education. This designership is intended for individuals who have a reputation of being shift disturbers — people who have a track record of challenging the way systems are looked at. Specifically, this designership is for those who wholeheartedly believe that the future of education, and therefore society, relies on a different kind of problem solving.

The inaugural Exhibit Change Designership will host an intimate cohort of problem solvers collaboratively tackling today and tomorrow’s ever changing problems. The general challenge is to bridge the gap between education and community. From a shift disturber perspective, we will be looking to implement solutions that bring together diverse ideas.

The Exhibit Change Designership program starts in the fall with a learning retreat to gather the cohort of shift disturbers. Together, this group will get a chance to step into the future and start asking bigger and better questions of today’s challenges. Then the cohort will invite others into the studio to help in coming up with solutions and strategies for next steps.

Ultimately the cohort will take this time to strategize, ideate and solution ways to work on the gap between education and community. All the learning from the Exhibit Change Designership will be documented while in progress and in a report at the culmination of the year. The report will be shared broadly online and offline as a provocation tool and call to action. This designership is an opportunity for individuals to learn about a toolkit of design thinking and foresight while leveraging their own skills and experiences towards taking action for systems change.

Shift disturbers will set their own themes within this designership. The themes will be big burning questions that are eating them up inside, they will be heart-breaking and they will ultimately be problems that change the second you start working on them; also known as wicked problems. 

As an Exhibit Change Designership shift disturber you’ll build your problem solving skills, test out design thinking tools, participate in crafting a foresight report, and form lasting relationships. You’ll be expected to work solo as well as collaboratively in small teams. You should equally love self work as well as being a part of an iterative process of continuous improvement and feedback.

Applications to be a shift disturber will be open from July 30 to August 15th. 


If you have any questions at all, you can send them to: designthinking@exhibit-change.com

  • Applications accepted until August 15th Extended to Sept 10 for community based educators and 3 full scholarships available! 
  • Shift Disturber interviews end September 15th
  • Selection by September 30th
  • Learning Retreat Fall 2016
  • Studio Spring 2017
  • Publication Summer 2017

The Learning Retreat, Studio and working sessions in between will be hosted in Toronto, Ontario. The Learning Retreat & Studio will each be 2 days, the working sessions will be 1 day each. The cost is $1600 plus HST (subsidies available). Participants will be responsible for their own travel arrangements and costs.