EdCamp Design Thinking needs a logo

Having a stand out brand identity is what sets companies apart. You know the Nike swoosh from miles away. They knew that the fake Apple Stores in China were fake because they used text, whereas a real Apple Store doesn’t need to because the logo is so recognizable.

We are looking for a logo.

EdCamp Design Thinking is first of its kind.

Part of the Edcamp movement, a series of education unconferences that are known for “taking back PD for educators”, has been spreading across the world from Philadelphia to Hong Kong and back. EdCamp Design Thinking will be the first EdCamp to focus on how design thinking might affect the classroom and the education system.

The original EdCamp logo was designed by Lorenzo Ibarra, who was a student at Camden County Technical Schools at the time of design, now graduated. The EdCamp apple is now becoming its own icon in the education world.

And in true form to the EdCamp movement, it is completely hack-able. There are recommendations and inspiration from other EdCamps but it is truly open to interpretation and creativity.

Please share the Call for EdCamp Design Thinking Logo  with your networks. Looking forward to seeing all the submissions by May 24th 2013, midnight.

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