Nuit Blanche is TOMORROW!

It has been 6 months since we started this journey. Through My Lens started from the idea of what if people took pictures so that we could start conversations about cities…

We are ready as we can be heading into tomorrow. We have printed the pictures, bought rolls and rolls of craft paper, we have markers and tape on hand, we have an amazing team of volunteers, photographers and conversation animators and now we just have to head into tomorrow with an open mind.

We know that hundreds of people will experience Nuit Blanche in Toronto tomorrow night and we know that people are thirsty for interaction. What we don’t know is how many people will come to our rental truck, how many people will want their picture taken, how many people will colour and draw on our truck, how many conversations will happen in our truck, around our truck and because of our truck…and we are prepared as we can possibly be!

With baited breathe, I am excited to see what tomorrow brings and where these conversations are going to take us.

Inspire Yourself,


Through My Lens – reflections

Over the past 10 days as the themes rattled around in my head, I have been overwhelmed by how much more I have loved Toronto and more importantly – the PEOPLE! I have been blown away by the people who lead our neighbourhood walking tours, by the people who attended our walking tours, by the hundreds of pictures we have collected so far and the stories of people’s photography adventures.


Thank you for reminding me why we do this work! We started this project to get people to take a second look at the city and to be inspired to take positive action. And I know that the project has done that for many individuals already and for me too. I am buzzing with excitement and admiration  for the powerful moments and images that I have come across these last 10 days.

What is green? How does Toronto express itself artistically? Where do you see change? Where do you belong? What is your everyday? How do you move through Toronto? What inspires Toronto? What fuels Toronto? What are the secrets of Toronto?

These themes are the center piece to the beginning of our Through My Lens conversations, we started with the photography adventure and were able to capture so many perspectives and these images will now be the focal point of our Nuit Blanche exhibit as vistors curate them into a community exhibit in a rental truck. We are looking to the community to tell us what they are focusing on.

For me, the themes had me not only looking for great shots in my day to day, but also thinking about the bigger picture of how these themes mean to me. I was especially struck by the final themes of What inspires Toronto? What fuels Toronto? and What are the secrets of Toronto? I know that Toronto and I have its issues, but I really renewed my love for Toronto. From the Urban Affairs Library closing, to seeing Cirque du Soliel in a parking lot, to walking to work, I know that the good and bad are part of what makes Toronto Toronto and that is what keeps me wanting to do more.

Expect to see a lot more projects from us that are inspired by these 10 days.

Inspire Yourself,


Day 3

To look backward for a while is to refresh the eye, to restore it, and to render it more fit for its prime function of looking forward.  -Margaret Fairless Barber

The day three theme for our Through My Lens photography adventure is:

Where do you see change taking place?

Send in your photos to our Flickr page, Facebook page or email us.