Global Service Jam Toronto

On March 11, fellow design thinkers gathered for a weekend adventure into the Global Service Jam. People came with multiple interests, experiences and curiosities. We hosted an evening of icebreakers and conversation about “Superheroes”.

There were 50 cities across the world, 1263 jammers, 203 projects and over 50,000 hours spent in one weekend!


I was impressed with the passion and enthusiasm people brought to the table. The idea brainstorming really got ideas flowing and the theme was easy to discuss and great fun. It is pretty hard not to have fun talking about Superheroes and to come up with hundreds of stories, situations, businesses, projects and ideas framed around superheroes and villains. Villains are proactive, they are always one step ahead and they always want to be on top; whereas Superheroes are reactive, well intentioned, but often conflicted in their ethical dilemmas. Save the one you love, or the bus of children…one of the best lines of the night, “Act like a Villain, Think like a Superhero”. The evening was full of wonderful discussion as people suggested tons of projects and narrowed them down and then broke into smaller groups to further discuss the details and to decide on a team for the weekend. By the end of Friday evening, we were excited to see what was going to unfold for the rest of the weekend.

We learned:

  • Work hard, overcome the deadline, design something kickass!
  • Appreciate that good design is seamless
  • Be curious, but trust the process
  • Come together with strangers for a common goal

So, where does all this madness and creativity lead us? Well that is up to you, you are the Superheroes here….we merely brought you together! See all the fun we had and what we created.