Busy Bees

I have been so busy since the Global Service Jam, it has been amazing! I think it was all the creative juices that flowed through me that weekend has brought forward projects, ideas and opportunities have just sky rocketed.

Global Service Jam was a risky move that definitely paid off. We took a leap of faith when we decided to plan a 3 day conference on an unproven idea, but I feel like that is what we do most of the time and the reason I keep doing this stuff everyday. I will post a more indepth blog about GSJ shortly. (even though it is already WAY overdue, eek)
Shortly after GSJ, I co-facilitated a 2 day work retreat for Skills for Change. They asked that we talk to their interns about getting a job and networking. Well, this is an area that I really enjoy working in, this gives us a chance to talk about passion and purpose and why are we going to our jobs everyday, other than for the money. We spent the two days talking about ideal workplaces, everything from your commute to work, to your desk, to your staff, to your boss, to the way you get coffee or have breaks. This opened up a discussion about creativity and innovation and the way our company culture can dictate our moods and our perspectives. I also got to think about how much I love what I do and that I am truly lucky.

In addition, I am also co-creating 2 projects this upcoming year and doing volunteer management for 2 conferences. And all I can think about is, it is only April….keep the good stuff coming!