2010 Wrap up

I have seen a few blogs outlining the year in a one word wrap up and I really like that idea.

So, my single word for 2010 is exploration.

Exploration of ideas, of networks, of knowledge, of market, of resources, of mentorship and of self.

So, what happened in 2010. Here is a breakdown of an amazing year. There were events, there were programs, there were conferences, there were coalitions, there were meetings. In the year, I attended 40 professional development events or course, I went to over 100 meetings, I hosted 4 events and 1 camp. Now there are tons of ideas and tons of excitement.

I got to design, create, facilitate, met, schmooze, learn, discover and ultimately grow.

Starting 2011, I am going to make a prediction that this year is going to be really busy and really foundational – according to the lunar calendar, it is the year of the rabbit and as a dog, I am told it means that there is good energy coming my way.

I wish I had a beautiful picture to capture this with…