Learn With Questions

So excited to be announcing this new program – The Exhibit Change Designership is here!!!!

In many ways, The Exhibit Change Designership has already been happening in bits and pieces. From convening people into thought-provoking conversations like EdCamp Toronto, Hong Kong or Design Thinking; to pushing the envelope at the Bad Kids Collective first unconference of Everybody’s a Teacher; to collaborating on different kinds of learning opportunities like UExperience and The Department of Imaginary Affairs. Ultimately, all of these projects were instigators for this designership.

Basically, the designership is one-year version of these events that have come before it. The designership is for a cohort of shift disturbers to come together and learn, design, do, push, and experiment. This is not going to be for the those shy of hard work.

The designership all comes down to one fundamental rule: Learn With Questions. This will be our mantra. We learn more by leading with curiosity, open-minds and the ability to dive deeper.

Applications are open until August 15th.

For more information go here.

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