We launched a Makers program a few weeks ago, and we are OVER the moon with excitement to announce our 4 new Makers.

The Makers program is our way of getting brilliant people to help us out (heehee sneaky!) Our Makers will be doing a blog a month on something that inspires their curiosity, peaked their concerns or just something they wanted to share; they will be working on at least one of our projects and the best part of all, giving us their brains for brainstorming every 6 weeks or so.

Next week we will be having our first brainstorming session, I can’t really express just how excited I am. All I know is that this is going to be an adventure, and one you can follow.

Feel free to check out our Makers Bios and to send them a tweet. Welcome Kathryn, Alex, Colin and Terrence to our team!!!!

Check back soon for their blogs 🙂