What is design driven community engagement?

This might seem a little late in the game to only be posting about now…but I realize that while I live, breathe and work this methodology and practice, not everyone does but then there are some that do too!  This week, I was in a meeting where I explained what we do, the process, the method to our madness, the outcome we are trying to achieve by working with design processes and tools to start a conversation with community and to identify the underlying and unseen landscape. And then she asked, “so who are competitors?” I rattled off a few organizations that do work like ours. The next day, I was sitting at a table with some of these competitors and they are seriously awesome. Our competitors are our partners in a movement, we are partners in using design as a tool to address some wicked issues.

While the intersection is common to Exhibit Change and many fellow design driven community engagement organizations,  we need to elevate what we do. I want what we do to be as known as when you walk into a coffee shop or hire an accountant. Yes, there is competition, but there is also a community. A community of support, a collective of resources and a powerful commitment to the work. 

Inspire Yourself!