Getting back in the saddle

Ok, enough is enough. I took a nice long break from my everyday routine to travel Asia for nearly 4 months. It was magical, inspiring and ultimately life changing. I got to explore and wander new cultures, foods and streets; which is pretty awesome! My outlook and perspective was challenged in doing things out of my norm, in testing my adventurer and facing fears. Through it all, I really missed my work.

So, last Monday, the team got back in the saddle.

I am very excited to get back to it and to start getting to work on the amazing projects we have lined up. And even more exciting, is all the new partners who want to collaborate and share ideas with us. In the next little while, we are launching an intern program, rolling out a few projects and delivering a few training workshops. (So, I promise the newsletter will be coming your way again)

Inspire Yourself!