Bad Kid

As EdCamp Toronto planning is moving along, and at each meeting, I feel like when I crinkle my nose or ask just one more question, that I am starting to be thought of as the bad kid. Which has got me thinking, maybe I am a bad kid. I didn’t do well in school, I struggled to understand why I was doing yet another formula that seemed so unrelated to my future work and always had the lingering statement of “Jennifer is nice to have in class, but she talks too much” on every one of my report cards, dating back to first grade.

EdCamp Toronto planning has taught me that as the bad kid, I want to learn too.

Over the last week, I have seen and read several anecdotes that have intrigued me to start thinking about my relationship to being a learner. Are we aiming to get our education system to be a place where every student is testing at 100% ? Are we accepting classroom sizes will always be too big? Are we teaching for the students who are getting it or the students who are struggling?

I am curious to see how EdCamp will go and the conversations that will happen and the connections that will be made. I want to be part of the conversation that gets us to the next level of thinking.

Who is giving out the gold stars of the future? What do they even look like?

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